Work. School. Bills. Family. Friends. Stress. Responsibilities.


The List goes on and on. So, who has time to PLAY? Nearly no one.  Who should make time? Surely EVERYONE.

P.L.A.Y. eases the time crunch that parents struggle thru to maintain their children’s’ extra-curricular schedules that are sometime more filled than their own. Simultaneously, we provide youth the much-needed opportunity to run, stretch, shake and let it go after-school and on days when school is closed.

Why we do…


Positive Learning through Athletics for Youth (P.L.A.Y.) exist to help youth win… on the court and field but more importantly in their homes, classrooms, communities, and in their LIVES. We’re on a mission to inspire generations of youth to lead happy, active and healthy lives using the power of play and athletics as a pathway to lifelong success.

What we do…


P.L.A.Y. is a state-licensed, sports-based youth development organization serving children ages 5-12 in after school programs, summer day camp, mini camps over fall, winter and spring breaks and on days when schools are closed.


We connect the power of play and athletics to inspire academic success and to help youth:


*Develop the confidence ability and desire to be physically active,

* Gain leadership skills,

*Discover their individual passions and


How we do…


At P.L.A.Y., we envision and cultivate an environment where youth don't just learn the fundamentals of a game but how to communicate, manage emotions, resolve conflicts and set goals.


From providing safe access to recreation to hosting family pop up play days and promoting healthy, active lifestyles… PLAY is more than a meaningless pastime – it’s a powerful movement to spark learning, develop character and boost essential life skills.


Our programs, partnerships, training, and curriculum empower our coaches to make long-lasting contributions that positively impact our youth.  In turn our youth learn to make these same contributions, becoming CHANGE MAKERS for generations to come!

The story behind Purposeful P.L.A.Y. (Positive Learning through Athletics for Youth)


Everybody has a story, right? Like you, for example, you’re knee deep in basketball jerseys, football cleats and helmets, tennis balls, and rackets, hectic practice and game schedules, water and Gatorade bottles and everything else that goes into being a sports mom.


You could easily throw up your hands and say, “Enough is enough,” but you don’t because playing sports makes your kids happy. And when they’re happy, your soul stirs with pure, unadulterated delight.


I felt the same way whenever I had my nephews and their friends over my house for a day of fun and games. Or when I’d see the joy in the eyes of the boys and girls that my husband, “Coach Otto” trained in basketball. You see, the big ole grins and bright eyes I’d see every time I watched kids play is why my husband and I launched Purposeful


P.L.A.Y. Now, let me rewind so you get the full story ...


Long before we founded Purposeful P.L.A.Y., began community collaborations, or hosted any Pop-up PLAY Days, we were just a young couple who enjoyed entertaining, playing a little b-ball, riding bikes, cooking out and hanging with the kids in our backyard.  We’d reminisce about the great times we had “back in the day”... playing double Dutch or going hard in a game of pickup basketball.


While it may not seem glamorous, P.L.A.Y. was really built on a combination of fantastic childhood memories, family traditions and a passion for athletics.


By now, you probably think we’re some award-winning athletes who live and breathe sports. Well, Otto did win “Mr. Basketball” and a number of other awards as he helped his high-school team win the state championship and he ultimately earned a full basketball college scholarship to the University of Wisconsin. I took a different path...


I’m a certified public accountant (CPA) who has worked as a real estate broker, financial planner, insurance agent, and educator.  I’ve got a bachelor’s degree, about 7 different professional designations and I just completed grad school.


To really make you go hmmm: I’ve traveled over half the United States and visited 3 continents! Yes, I’ve been busy, but it’s because I didn’t just want a profession. I wanted purpose, passion and profession all in one. I bounced around from this career to that

entrepreneurial endeavor all in search of my “why.” And the funny thing is, it’s been staring us in the face all this time ...


Our passion and purpose are using athletics and tapping into the power of “play” to help today’s youth realize their true gifts and potential for greatness.


Purposeful P.L.A.Y. has helped my husband and I channel this passion into something that goes beyond our quirky house of hoops, impromptu road trips, summer adventures and lively backyard bar-b-ques. When we started having kids, we wanted a central place

to facilitate activities, for youth of all ages and backgrounds, with a variety of sporting interests. When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create it ourselves.


Purposeful P.L.A.Y. is not “just a game” – but a movement to empower youth, support families and build community. Today, we are delighted to host so many great children who, like us, have the opportunity and desire to just “play.”


Our experiences, serve as real examples that they are doing far more than just playing, but also learning incredible skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. Explore our programs and join us for a day, week or entire season to see for yourself just how "play" has purpose.


Tiffany McDuffie, Founder